AU: Reborn Codes Free Rewards & Tokens Code List – January 2023

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If you are an AU: Reborn player and looking for some rewards code list then you are on the right page. In this post, you will get to know about amazing AU-reborn codes that you can use to boost your game. These codes work very well on android and PC and you can use them to buy your favorite characters and other resources.

Just copy and paste these links into the game and you will get unlimited rewards. Go through the article to understand how to use these links and other related queries.

About The AU: Reborn Game

AU: Reborn is a team-based game. It is based on a fighting setup and the player has to fight various battles to win the game. To win this game you have to use your skills and defeat the enemies. The more enemies you defeat, the more you advance. But be careful because enemies can also destroy you and your level will reduce.

The game is popular for including various popular anime characters which makes this game interesting and engaging. You can choose your favorite character and go against enemies in a combat-based battle. Understand the abilities of your anime character and choose wisely so that you can defeat more enemies.

As you advance you get cash to buy more characters, become more powerful and defeat more enemies and win the tournament.

What is AU: Reborn Codes- Free Rewards code list

AU: Reborn game gives you the option to purchase characters and abilities. But for boosting your games and purchasing characters you will require some cash or token. These tokens help you to continue your game without any ad break and you can win many levels. You can get these tokens and coins for free with AU: Reborn working codes and get a massive boost in your game with new skills.

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How to Use the tokens to get characters?

The game is simple to play and you can easily get characters with a token. You have to first click on the shop icon which is usually in the left corner of the screen. You will then see the ‘skins’ tab and get the option to choose from different characters. Whatever character you want to purchase, just click on that and press the buy button at the end of screen. Done! You have got your favorite character.

What are the benefits of using AU: Reborn code tokens?

Through Reborn Code tokens you get rewards in the game. Just by entering these codes in the game, you can get a lot of tokens and amazing rewards. The main benefit of using these reborn code tokens in the game is that you can avail your favorite anime character in the game without paying any money. These tokens are announced from time to time and you shouldn’t let go of these tokens if you want to get hold of your favorite anime characters.

AU Reborn Codes

 Features Of Game/App

  1. Based on anime characters: The first thing about this game is that it is based on popular anime series and characters. So you can choose from a list of anime characters based on their abilities and win challenges.
  2. Battlefield and tournament: The game is based on a battlefield where you have to defeat your enemies. So it proceeds in a tournament manner and you can play with your friends because it is multiplayer.

Different types of Redeem code for AU:Reborn:

There are two types of redemption codes that you can use:

Redeem for free rewards in which you will get various rewards. These are given below:

  • !code 40klike
  • !code 5klikes
  • !code 20klikes
  • !code 30klikes

Redeem for token: In this redeem code, you will get a token rather than various rewards. It’s on you whether you want only tokens or other rewards.

  • !code 40klikes: Free Cash and Tokens
  • !code 30klikes: Free Cash and Tokens
  • !code 20KLIKES: Free Cash and Tokens

How To redeem AU:Reborn Codes- Free Rewards code

Following are the easy steps to redeem these reward codes for AU: Reborn game:

  1. First download the game on your PC and android, if you haven’t installed it already.
  2. You will see a chat menu in the game. Open this chat menu. If it doesn’t open, click on the slash sign on the keyboard (/) and it will open your screen.
  3. Copy the above reward code and paste it in the box. If it can’t be pasted try to write it in an exact manner.
  4. Lastly, press the enter key on your keyboard. The code will be submitted and you will get all the rewards you want.
  5. Use these rewards to get your favorite characters.


AU: Reborn game is a popular game in which you can play in a battlefield with your favorite anime characters. To make the game more interesting, try different redeem codes and get your favorite characters and different rewards. You can easily get these redeem codes and they are easy to use.

  1.     What to do if AU: Reborn codes don’t work in the game?

Ans: Sometimes, you won’t know whether the redeem codes are working in the game or not. So when you feel that your code was not successful, try checking the cash balance and token balance. If still you see no change, go on the website again and you can copy paste the code link again in the text box.

  1.     Are the codes available to only new players or existing ones also?

Ans: The codes are available to both new players as well as existing ones. Just copy the link, paste in the game and you will get various characters and tokens.

  1.     How to get AU: Rebox codes for free?

Ans: You can get AU: Rebox Codes for free by searching the Roblox section. New codes are uploaded by the developers from time to time.

  1.     How to update the AU: Reborn profile?

Ans: You can upgrade your profile by getting more tokens, characters and skills.

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